Announcer: And it's an Ace on the River, giving Barry Greenstein. Aces full. This is the first time two players have been knocked out on one hand at the final table . Ace On The River (Barry Greenstein).pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Well, nowIwill be able to laugh when it happens to Barry. Doyle Brunson. Las Vegas,Nevada. May and some thingsIdidn'tknow. Ace on the River. 2.

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Ace On The River (Greenstein).pdf. Report Ace on the River - An Advanced Poker Guide (Barry Greenstein ). ace on the river. Home · Documents; Ace On The River (Barry Greenstein).pdf. Ace On The River ( Barry Greenstein).pdf. DownloadReport. Published on. Ace on the River: An Advanced Poker Guide [Barry Greenstein, Doyle Brunson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ace on the River is.

We don't know what. I spent a fortune in phone calls. Your uncle Xylo went out there for two months and turned up absolutely nothing except the name of that pilot.

Put ads in the papers.

Nobody knew anything, not the police, not our family, not a single person in Alaska ever heard of them. So I'd say you had bad luck with your folks disappearing, losing the chance to get raised in Alaska -- instead getting brought up by a crazy unrich uncle with a junk shop.

Viola never had it, and for sure Adam didn't. If you take on a project then, dammit, see it through to the end. Let your word mean something. It just about broke my heart to see the way you'd run to the mailbox every day expecting to find a letter from Alaska. Adam and Viola were not what I'd call responsible. The lucky part was Uncle Tam. He read stories to Bob every night, asked his opinion on the weather, on the doneness of boiled corn, foraged through the junk shop detritus for things that might interest.

Bob Dollar couldn't imagine what his life would have been like in the household of Uncle Xylo whose wife, Siobhan, was an impassioned clog dancer and who ran an astrology business out of their front living room in Pickens, Nebraska. She had a neon sign over the front door with a beckoning hand under the words "Psychic Readings. The bedtime reading had welded him to Uncle Tam and to stories.

From the first night in the little apartment when Uncle Tam had turned a page and said the words "Part One: The Old Buccaneer," Bob had become a sucker for stories told.

He slid into imaginary worlds, passive, listening, his mouth agape, a hard listener for whatever tale unfolded. Except for the library fines. You were always a nice kid, you always pitched in and helped. I never had to worry about phone calls from the cops, drugs, stolen cars, minimart holdups.

The only headache you gave me was when you started hanging around with that heavy guy, Orlando the Freak.

He was a wrong one. I'm not surprised he ended up in the pen. I'm thankful you're not there with him. It was only computer hacking. If you think diverting all the operating funds of the Colorado U. Forest Service to a Nevada bordello was 'just computer hacking,' I have news for you.

I've got to get back to the shop. Another part was Orlando and Fever and weird movies, then the lightbulb time and Mrs. Giddins asking him to massage her feet and her fury when he drew back, gagging, from the stink of clammy nylon. It was true that Bob had always pitched in and helped with dishes and cooking and house chores, largely because he was so ashamed of Uncle Tam's withering poverty which somehow seemed less if everything was clean and squared up.

He would rearrange the books in the bookcases by size and color and Bromo Redpoll, his uncle's business partner, would say, "Don't be such an old lady. These look like your size, ten double E. Try em on. In a bag of stuff from some Cherry Creek fat cat. Probably the maid dropped them off. Now all I need is a sports coat. Like new, and almost your size. Car coats are kind of old-fashioned now, but it could be useful.

You never know. The thing is, it's a kind of -- kind of a tan. Come back in the shop and have a look-see. He lived in dread that on the street someday the previous owner would recognize the coat and make scathing remarks. It had happened twice in school, once when he wore an argyle sweater, once with a knitted cap, the name CHARLES spelled out on the cuff. He had tried to ink the letters out with a marker but they showed plainly enough.

Ace On The River (Greenstein).pdf

Eventually a large black beret with cigarette burn holes turned up and he wore it for years, telling himself some Frenchman had visited Denver and abandoned it there. Cluke, slapping his cheeks with a manly heather aftershave lotion, "you cannot go down to Texas wearing brown oxfords.

Take my word for it. I've spent enough time down there to know a pair of brown oxfords can set you back with those people. Despite oilmen trigged out in suits, and wealthy wheat growers with diamond rings, the figure of respect in Texas is still the cattleman and the cattleman wants to look like a cowboy.

It wouldn't hurt for you to get a pair of dress slacks and some long-sleeved shirts. But for sure you have got to get yourself a decent pair of cowboy boots and wear them. You don't need to wear the hat or western shirts, but you got to wear the boots. Look for your smaller cow outfits and farms, not the great big ones or the ranches with four hundred oil wells.

Look for areas where everybody is grey-headed. People that age just want to live quiet and not get involved in a cause or fight city hall.

That's the kind of population we want. Find out the names of local people who run things -- bankers, church folks -- get on their good side. Keep your eyes and ears open for farmers whose kids went off to school and those kids are not coming back unless somebody puts a gun to their heads. Read the obits for rural property owners who just died and their offspring are thinking 'show me the money' so they can get back to Kansas City or Key West or other fleshpots of their choice.

You will have to have a cover story because you can't go down there and say you're scouting for Global Pork Rind. Some people would be openly hostile. You will be there off and on for several months at a time, so you will have to think up a story to explain your presence. The fellow we had before told people he was a reporter for a national magazine working on a panhandle story -- that was supposed to let him get into every kind of corner and let him ask pertinent questions.

You know what 'pertinent' means, don't you? Pertaining to, or related in some way to a topic. That fellow I mentioned thought it had something to do with hair implants. Anyway, he thought that was a good cover story and expected doors to open to him like butter.

Doing the profile for? And of course it would have been folly to name Cockfight Weekly or Ranch News. I believe he said Vogue.

He thought he would be safe with that one in the panhandle. It didn't. I would stay away from the magazine idea, myself. But you'll think of something. Now, Bob, it's perfectly fine to stay in a motel for a few days until you get your bearings, but your best bet is to rent a room with someone in the area.

Find some old lady or elderly couple with plenty of relatives. That way you'll get a beeline on what's happening. You'll get the lowdown.

Now you just scour the properties north of the" -- he consulted the map on the wall -- "the Canadian River. Scour them good! Whenever you find a property that looks right and the owner is willing, you let me know and I'll send our Money Offer Person down. We've set up a subsidiary company to download the parcels and then deed them over to Global. The residents do not know a hog farm is coming in until the bulldozers start constructing the waste lagoon.

Later, when you've gained experience, when you've proved your value to Global Pork Rind, you can act as your own Money Offer Person, though generally we like to send a woman, mention a sum to the oldsters right on the spot. There's an advantage to that. Another thing, don't stay in one place, after a month or so switch to another town.

And so forth. That fellow I mentioned? He picked Mobeetie, so if I were you that's not where I'd go. He made people suspicious. He got into trouble. We need your signature on this card. Here you go then and I'll just wish you good luck. Report back to me by mail every week. And I don't mean that damn e-mail.

I won't touch that. Get a post office box. Write to me at home and I'll respond from same so your postmaster down there doesn't see Global Pork Rind on the envelope and start putting five and five together.

See a Problem?

I'll see that the company newsletters are sent to you in a plain brown wrapper. Can't be too careful. Use a pay phone if there is an emergency. That night he took his uncle Tam to a celebratory dinner at a famous Inuit-Japanese-Irish steak house where they poured melted Jersey butter from quart pitchers, where the baked potatoes, decorated with tiny umbrellas, were the size of footballs and the steaks so thick they could only be cut with samurai swords.

His uncle winced at the menu prices, then overpraised the food, a sure sign he was homesick for Chickee's place down the block from his shop where he could enjoy a plate of fried gizzards or catfish hot pot. But it seemed his thoughts had gone in a different direction, for out on the sidewalk he belched and said, "I've been thinking of getting into vegetables. Becoming a vegetarian. Meat's too damn expensive. Wait a minute. Before I forget. Wayne sent you something.

Ace On The River (Greenstein).pdf

And there's a little thing from me. I didn't even know you were in touch with him anymore. We are. Plus, receive recommendations for your next Book Club read. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

Must redeem within 90 days. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. Reading Group Guide for That Old Ace in the Hole 1 What techniques does the author use in the first sentence of this novel to bring the rich world of the Panhandle alive?

Similarly, how do the vivid, meticulous descriptions that characterize the first chapter acquaint us not only with Bob Dollar, but with the complex and often contradictory images that dot the Texas landscape? How does the Panhandle give Bob the impression that it is not a place, or a home, but a landscape made for human consumption? These are just a few examples of the sometimes humorous and always original names Proulx gives to the characters who inhabit That Old Ace in the Hole.

How much importance should we, as the reader, give to these names? In what ways does the author use names, not only to highlight specific aspects of characters' personalities, but to show where people are coming from and where the plot might be going? Is it a fictionalized account of the dangers of industrializing farmland? Or is it about the constant and inevitable struggle between tradition and modernity?

What do you consider to be the central theme of this novel? What theme resonates most strongly for you? While Global Pork Rind considers hogs to be nothing more than "pork units," native Panhandlers like Ace argue that pigs are "intelligent Is this a moral issue? Does it matter how humans treat animals when they are destined for slaughter anyway?

Did this novel make you re-consider any of your personal choices or your view of meat production and consumption in this country? Now Harshberger felt that the land was servant to him and owed him a living, owed him everything he could get from it.

Although some characters, like Harshberger, make their living from the land they own, what have they lost in their attempts to control it? Discuss value. Why are some things valuable to one person and useless to another? Who do you think settled the west? No, not pioneers. First the traders It's all about business in this country. Farther and farther until you can not see. You suddenly waved goodbye from inside the district door, naughty smile when you are less than 19 years old, really is a child ah I will not do it, too like Too like my junior high school to send a small The Most Recommended Adobe 9A Exam Paper PDF shadow home, she always sneaky back to the scene of the family owned hospital your smile and facial expression is really very much like, if you do not have hair in fact, I dyed the girl Has been more disgusted, what color to what color what hair ah but it is for you, I have no opinion, what you love to dye hair hairs are white hair Witch I also willing to look just because you look like a small shadow.

So it is not that hard for them to be good.

Of course, I do not ask you, I think you reflect on reflection. So I said now that the TV drama of the military subject is not well done and there is no fault in life. I know Chen Pai, although he does not fight, but he 9A slapped me this slap in the face, not see me as a soldier, is to see if I am a brother.

Your attitude towards me slowly, really because I look more silly reality in fact, or half truth, my heart is contradictory, not a Adobe 9A Exam Paper PDF general contradiction constitute the two sides of the conflict is my dream And my reality. Then we ran into a city, no one s street. My reflection is like this.

Art and war, in fact, twin brothers ah What really accomplishments in these two areas is what the cat s head brigade. Because no one compares with us, are not we ourselves defective Of course, we all have the standard of military personnel, except that I am a soldier are squad leader platoon leader in the military training ACE: AEM 6 Architect 9A itself is not agile it Later, I came back to why the special brigade should pick up the top notch alumni because they Adobe Experience Manager 6.

What environment is she growing up But I did not know at that time Soldier, you are not afraid of suffering on the line. At first 9A I could not think of it. When the platoon leader checked, she always failed. Who are you Small shadow took wild Orchid my nose. I m a big tiger. Who are you I m a big mouse. The training of the troops is to fill the ducks.

Where can we talk about so many things I m still baffling, gave the first assault hand, my mother What is the first assault hand concept Is the vanguard to determine the target position after the first up cannon fodder, each on the first rushed into If the war, the brothers looked at the meaning of the first raiders on the line, do not have to talk to see if he is not linked to know inside it safe One of the most classic scenes of the New Gulf War is the night vision camera, a special warfare group Sale Latest Adobe 9A Exam Paper PDF like Adobe 9A Exam Paper PDF a seal is surrounded in front of a house, and then a buddy is burnt out and rolled down on the ground This is the first assault hand.

Or what do you do Sleep in this raven wolf mountain Wolf Although there will be wolves on the road, but there are traces of human civilization, my heart a little more solid. Really amazing.I've read several poker strategy books already, so I think I was ready for one like this. There is a good section on hands towards the last third of the book, but I think that it needed to be a bit longer to mske the book be of more value.

Usually occurs at the final table of a large tournament. He made people suspicious. His uncle's cropped ear was the result of a childhood injury when his sister Harp cut off the fleshy top with a pair of scissors as punishment for playing with her precious Barbie doll. I don't for one minute think they abandoned you.