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download Funny Stories: Read site Store Reviews - Read "It's Kind of a Funny Story" by Ned Vizzini available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Like many ambitious New York. **FREE downloadable eBook filled with your funny stories, out next Thursday, pre-order it now!** A couple of months ago, I asked for your funny/embarrassing.

Nora Ephron made it a little easier to embrace aging in all its complexities, because she always managed to find the punchline. If you've never read any Moore, and you're looking for a book that will make you both laugh and think, I highly recommend Lamb: the Gospel according to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal.

A chapter called 'I'm So Proud of You' should be required reading in high schools. Also featured are: haiku about plastic surgery, a chapter by Poehler's mother, a satiric birth plan, a chapter by Seth Meyers, an annotated history of 'Parks and Recreation,' a letter from Hillary Rodham Clinton, sex advice, a truly hilarious list of potential books about divorce and a moving account of an apology.

The facetious part comes in the guise of Offerman's obsession with red meat — which he professes to prefer over poultry and fish, not to mention vegetables — and the paramount role it plays along with mustaches and woodworking, to which he is also partial in establishing the virile masculinity of the men who eat it.

Payne "I read Youth in Revolt in high school. It was hilarious because Nick Twisp, the narrator and protagonist, was saying all of the perverted, hyper-sexual things I was thinking at the time, but knew I could not say publicly. Still, I think Youth in Revolt has lasting power. A lot of really bizarre, awful things happened to Nick, but he kind of describes it all nonchalantly, which is really funny.

It is a fun read and refreshing perspective at any time of life. The movie adaptation with Michael Cera is not half bad, but the book reigns supreme. It is also a good modern look at what it takes to be a successful sportscaster, even one who will admit he has lived a pretty charmed life.


Beatty writes energetically, providing insight as often as he elicits laughs. Jason has a great way of taking life's small moments, with kids, work, extended family and friends, and calling out the obviously silly and ludicrous things that just happen to all of us. He forces you to take a step back and just smile at it all.

Her eponymous TV series has won her a bundle of awards and millions of fans. But things haven't always gone smoothly for Britain's Comedy Queen. On the contrary: her life has been one long, awkward and rather embarrassing journey.

Now Miranda has selflessly chosen to share her wealth of uncomfortable experiences in her new book, Is It Just Me?

Now That's Funny!

The Eyre Affair takes that feeling, the moment you lose the sense of yourself and become engrossed in the story, and creates high adventure and wild drama around the porous boundaries between fiction and real life.

It includes what purports to be Mr. Just one character most of the time, no dialogue. It's utterly compelling. During the course of his memoir, Mr.

Burroughs writes of being sent to a mental hospital but only as a way of getting out of school and of being sexually initiated by the year-old man who lived in the Finches' barn.

In fact, most of his act is about food. So it only seems natural he would take some of his best food material and put it into a book. There is the stand it takes against bikini waxes. There is its protest against the pornography and stripping industries. Above all there is its deployment of sweary British slang to remind us, in this era of manufactured outrage, what a truly great rant should look like: rude, energetic and spinning off now and then into jubilant absurdity.

May 23, Technically, Innocents Abroad is not really a novel. It's a novel, more so than some of the others. The main narrator is extremely Twain-like, no doubt, but fictionalized.

Same with the Jerome K. Jerome books -- autobiographical, but presented as fiction. I think if you can make a case for it, no harm in it being here! Thanks for removing the more blatantly non-fic ones, though. I'm re-reading it now, it's been over 20 years since I last read it. That's how I discovered it. My sister made me read the "Harris sings a comic song" section --still my favorite. May 26, Just added Moby Dick. The humor in it is underrated. I laughed out loud several times, starting in the beginning when Ishmael says he has to go to sea, and his only other choice is to walk around town knocking people's hat's off.

How can moby-dick possibly be funny? I only read the first five chapters before getting so bored that I fell asleep. Jun 03, Three Men in a Boat is such a funny, wonderful novel. I'm so glad its public domain now so more people are reading it! Apr 25, Does anyone else like the books by Robert Rankin and Tim Dorsey?

Their books belong here too.

Jokes and Stories from the Man Who Keeps America Laughing

Oops, I just Robert Rankin at number Aug 10, Could some kind editor remove the non-fic from this list? Sep 06, I removed a bunch of nonfiction and non-novels but I'm sure there's more on there.

Dec 15, How come Pop. Jan 30, They are so funny Most erotica can make me grin, or sometimes even laugh, as I can't possibly take it seriously: Feb 03, Glad to see Cat's Cradle in top 10, I laughed at every chapter and there was a heckuva lot of them.

Feb 14, Jun 20, Bawdy, quirky, and earthy, the book may not be best for those easily offended. I found it to be hilarious. Aug 05, There is some humor, but it ends up mostly sad and depressing. Aug 06, I don't understand how Pride and Prejudice can be on this list yes it's a great book, but funny? Aug 07, Charles wrote: It is this sharp pen of hers that makes the story in Pride and Prejudice witty, funny, or whatever you like to call it.

Even though I've read the book more than once, some of Mr Bennet's remarks can still make me laugh. Or, on a completely different level, Mrs Bennet's remarks, for that matter.

Or the behaviour of Mr Collins.

And so on. So Pride and Prejudice not funny? Sorry, but I have to disagree, because to me it definitely is Is it possible to vote twice Sep 20, Booklovinglady wrote: I'm now semi-retired, and actually took the time to read it.

The comedy is very subtle and easy to miss. Austen takes time, but it's worth every minute. It's a great children's picture book though. Also, removed from for being a play, not a novel: Likewise, Much Ado About Nothing is a play, and it is poetry, but what it is not is a novel, and so it is gone from And from I removed Confessions of a Prairie bitch, which while savagely funny is a memoir or an autobiography, but not a novel.

Also, from , Groucho Marx's autobiography https: The latter was buried in the back, for the most part, and so I voted for him, and the former I had to add except for one buried title. In addition, I can't figure out why nobody else put Sue Grafton's X on this list. If you'd like to vote for any of these, they are way at the back of the list, along with one of of Alexander Graham McCall's Botswana series.

Sep 22, Oct 01, I just finished and it was so much funnier than I thought it would be. It made me laugh out loud and gave me a sneak peek at what the working world holds in store. Oct 05, When has anything by Steinbeck been funny? Oct 20, What is a novel?

Well, it's not a play. It's also not a children's picture book. Winnie the Pooh skirts the ragged edge, but I will leave it for Goodreads employees to consider. What I do know is that memoirs, which are also not novels, such as Tina Fey's very funny Bossypants https: Also, the late, great Erma Bombeck's https: Napalm and Silly Putty, by George Carlin, is a series of essays, and considered hilarious by many, but it is not a novel: And The Importance of Being Earnest is a play, a play, a play, not a novel: What is it that permits people to find free time to vote on a listopia, and the attention span to read entire books, yet permits them to skim a very, very brief subtext stating its rules, and instead home in on just one descriptor: Perhaps you did not know there would be a test.

Relax, I am sure you'll do fine. There's just one question. Is a memoir, autobiography, or biography a novel? So now that I've knocked lucky 13 books from the list, I have a real question: I was actually kind of sad to take some of these off the list, and would like to be able to vote for them in their proper venue. I don't mind starting a listopia again, and again, and again , but I also know Goodreads staff has its hands full with lists that ought to be merged somehow.

I'm going to leave my question to simmer here for a few days, and come the weekend, if I haven't heard of such a listopia or found one myself, I will invent one.

Oct 21, Donna I've deleted my vote for Pippi Longstocking 20, as you're right, it's a children's book. The book is still on the list though. Something else which caught my attention is The Wind in the Willows I haven't read it myself, but isn't that one a children's book too?

And finally, In a Sunburned Country I've read the book and it is not a novel so I've deleted my vote. It's more of a, very humourous, travel journal, or memoir if you like. It's still on the list though. Something else which caught my attention is [boo It is an illustrated novel, and its audience is most likely intended to be children, but whenever something skirts the edge, I leave it be. And yes, I gazed at Pippi several times, but it's a "chapter book"--meaning it isn't going to be one or two sentences per page with a picture, it's paragraphs--and I think that maybe?

I chose not to vote for it though it is one of the funniest things I ever read as a kid but also did not delete, because the subtext does not specify that children's novels are not allowed. Now maybe I should google the word "novel" and see whether it is specifically an adult term. Long story short, if there is any possible valid defense of a book's presence in the list, I just won't touch it.

But I will go grab that travel book you mentioned, and thanks for the heads-up! Deleted as nonfiction: I've lost track of how many memoirs by Bill Bryson I have deleted from this list. I should read something he's written; I could use a good laugh.

But it does not belong in a list of novels: And James Herriot. Some of the titles I am deleting are so beloved, so iconic, that I half-way expect a hand to pop out of my computer and smack me when I delete them. But once again, NOT a novel. A collection of short stories and essays does not a novel make: A graphic novel that is funny can be on this list, but a book of savagely funny cartoons, alas, cannot: Straight up military history?

And, um Having lost my equanimity, I depart for now If you are not a librarian and see something that is definitely miscategorized, leave a message here along with seriously the or even just the page where it is found, and I will get back to it later. For now, my sense of humor is shot to hell, and surely that was never the purpose of this list, so I need a break.

Oct 23, Each of us needs something to look forward to. I promised myself that as soon as I give this list a good scrubbing, I will seek out, or start, a funny memoirs listopia. That said, I'm commencing on page 8, where I left off. The Odd Couple is a very funny play, not a novel, and it has to go: At some point, I believe every single one of James Herriot's memoirs has been added. Here goes the last--at least I think so.

hilarious funny stories, funny books and comedy ebooks free

If you are interested in voting for and adding funny memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, you can do that here: Jan 12, The system found and deleted one duplicate. Bitter is the New Black https: A memoir is not a novel, not a novel, not a novel. And again, a child's picture book is not a novel: I have gone over the first 6 pages and pulled out things that were obviously wrong. If the list is edited by someone else soon, you can probably start from page 7 with reasonable safety.

Jun 06, The Ransom of Red Chief is indeed very funny, but 32 pp do not a novel make. Gone from Also, the system found and deleted one duplicate. The list's description does not preclude YA novels, but a child's picture book is not a novel.

Picture books removed from page 1: Winnie the Pooh https: Go the Fuck to Sleep https: Listed as nonfiction; a short story collection; essay collection, and of course humor, but never as a novel, which it isn't, Woody Allen's Getting Even just got gone.

It was on p. Jun 09, One more time Oh, why do I bother saying it anymore?

Clearly the individuals that make this error over and over are not reading the notes anyway. From 94, where it had mysteriously garnered 13 votes even though it had only 15 ratings, a memoir: From page 2, where 6 autobiographical essays will never be a novel: Holidays on Ice, by David Sedaris https: Like a hamster on a treadmill, I once again find myself deleting a James Herriot memoir: Also from page 2, a series of autobiographical essays, Hyperbole and a Half https: From page 4, more David Sedaris; more autobiographical essays:I'm so glad its public domain now so more people are reading it!

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