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Note that this Presence bonus is used only during the creation of the object and does not count toward its total Presence once the enchantment is complete.

The creator of an item cannot reduce the number of Power Points to increase the Level of those Power Points. The same object can possess Power Points of various different Levels. A Magic Item with at least 50 Presence can be imbued with any combination of powers as long as they do not exceed the items Presence.

For example, an item could be given two powers at Level 3 50 total Presence, as each costs 25 points or two Level 2 and two Level 1 Level 2 at 15 points each and Level 1 at 10 points each for a total of 50 Presence. The Power Points of an artifact require some kind of supernatural source. This section lists the most common sources and the amount and Level of Power Points these sources provide. Of course, one can mix several different sources. For example, a sorcerer could sacrifice lives, use unique components, and exchange of his own soul to create an object.

Raw Material Given that supernatural powers are very difficult to classify, the final Presence of a magic item is always variable.

As a general rule, each item increases its Presence by an amount equal to the Presence required by the powers assigned to it. The only exception to this rule is when a weapon or armor has a power that provides a bonus to its Quality. In this case, use the higher Presence value. If a magic item is to be used as a vessel for bound supernatural creatures, use the base Presence of the object before the binding but after adding its magical powers.

Dark alchemists and archmages sometimes sacrifice human lives to empower an artifact, but there are also cases of individuals who have died willingly to create sacred objects. Be that as it may, the fact is that life is a potent source of power, and an extremely strong component in the manufacture of magic items. However, not all life provides the same amount of energy. The Power Points obtained from a sacrifice are equal to twice the sacrifices Presence.

The Power Points obtained are normally Level 1, and their Level increases by 1 for every 5 points of Gnosis that the character has in excess of his Natura. However, if the sacrifice is voluntarily, without being forced or coerced in any way, it is much more meaningful and valuable.

As such, if someone sacrifices his own life willingly, that sacrifice generates Power Points 1 Level higher than his Natura would normally dictate. LifE For example, a Level 5 human character with Presence 50 and Natura 10 can generate Power Points at Level 3 if he is sacrificed against his will, or Power Points at Level 4 if he voluntarily surrenders his life to that end. Normally, for the power of a sacrifice to take effect, it must happen in a location that the creator of the object has specially prepared anything from the floor of a tower bedroom to a simple ceremonial altar.


Once the sacrifice is made, the energy produced must be introduced into the item within one hour. It is possible to create some kind of temporary container to store this energy, but such object can hold it for only a very limited period of time.

If the creator of an object sacrifices his own life for the enchantment, he does not die until the creation ritual is completed successfully or unsuccessfully.

In this case, he has a fleeting moment to witness the success or failure of his ultimate creation. In the example above, the magic item would count as an object with a Presence of 40 for determining how many powers it can possess. Supernatural artifacts derive their power from the existential energy their creator imbues into them. Power Points PP are used to calculate the supernatural potential of each ability of an artifact and as a way to choose which supernatural abilities an object possesses.

In a sense, Power Points are a measure of the power of each creation.

But not all energy has the same quality and potency. Therefore, an items Power Points are assigned amongst five categories called Power Levels. The higher the Level of a set of Power Points, the more incredible its capabilities. As discussed in the next section, each supernatural power of an item has a cost and a Level, which indicates the amount and Level of PP that the creator of the object has to invest.

Lower Level Power Points cannot be used for higher-Level powers.

Prometheum Exxet.pdf - Play Role Online

For instance, a Level 3 supernatural power can never be chosen for an item with Power Points of Level of 1 or 2. The creator of a magic item can downgrade some or all of the items Power Points to generate a larger amount of lower-Level Power Points. This doubles the amount of Power Points the item possesses by reducing the Level of those Power Points.

Existential Power and Power Points Sacrificing a spiritual entity with very high Gnosis uses the same rules above, but instead of using Natura to calculate the Level of Power Points generated, increase the Level of the Power Points by 1 for ever 5 points by which the beings Gnosis exceeds As in the previous case, the Power Points generated are one Level higher if the sacrifice is made willingly.

Anima Beyond Fantasy - Prometheum Exxet

A supernatural creature whose soul is not natural and has been created by magic does not have the same existential value others.

Therefore, these creatures always generate Power Points at Level 1, regardless of their Gnosis or any powers they have. Its base Presence is modified by the material and Quality of the craftsmanship. Tailoring Creative Skill The ability to design and create different costumes and clothing, such as coats, shirts, evening gowns, and so on. An archmage creates a magic staff. This chart gives the Presence of several sample objects that a character can use to create a mystical artifact.

It also shows applicable Secondary Abilities, along with any modifiers for their use.

Finally, most objects have a certain affinity for a particular type of power, which confers special advantages if they are enchanted with those powers. Sample Items Tattoos can also be magical objects with a base Presence determined by their quality and artistic complexity.

Magic tattoos do have special limitations compared to other traditional artifacts. Tattoos can never contain powers above than Level 3. Further, the Power Point cost of any magical ability bound into a tattoo is doubled. For example, a power with a cost of 80 Power Points would cost Power Points if incorporated into a tattoo.

In this case, the raw material is a chunk of his own Power Characteristic. This provides a number of Power Points based on the number of points of the Characteristic sacrificed and the sorcerers Base Presence. For each point of the Characteristic that the character sacrifices, the item gains a number of Power Points equal to his Presence divided by the Power Level he wants for the Power Points in sets of 5, rounded down.

It is important to note that only people with The Gift can make this kind of sacrifice.

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Those without it lack the innate ability needed to create such magic items. Additionally, to obtain very high Level of Power Points, the character making the sacrifice must have a certain minimum Power Characteristic, as shown in Table 5.

For example, to obtain Power Points at Level 4, the Power Characteristic should be at least 14 or more. This should always be calculated based on the natural Characteristic, excluding any temporary modifiers.

However, transferring power from one object to another is no simple matter. An occultist can only try to dismantle a magic item to use its power elsewhere if it has no powers of Level 3 or higher.

This requires an Occultism ritual of the same difficulty as the one used to manufacture the object in the first place or the use of the specific Secondary Ability that was used to create it. If the ritual is successful, the energy is infused into the new object. If the object has any powers of Level 3, 4, or 5, or the mage simply does not want to or cannot destroy the object, the process is similar, but he must somehow connect the object to the item he is creating.

For instance, the creator might build a sword whose hilt is designed to hold a magic gem. This only works if the sword was crafted exclusively to hold the gem, and is not simply an older weapon repurposed to hold the gem. Certain objects are innately supernatural and powerful enough that they can serve as raw magical material all by themselves.

These legendary items can be added to artifacts to provide an energy source. The Game Master is free to determine the Power Points as well as the Power Level of an object, and can decide that certain components only work to enhance specific powers. However, because of the temporary nature of the energy used, all the powers gained from these points have the Diminishing rule. To mystically empower an artifact, the magician must be in direct contact so that energy can flow directly into it.

Except for this, there are no other special procedures for infusing an object in this way. Naturally, if an artifact created with Zeon is used to power another object, its Power Points are still subject to the Diminishing rule but gain none of the benefits from this rule. Supernatural objects can often be used in the manufacture of other magic items, where they function as supernatural generators. There are two ways a magic item can provide power: An item provides half of its Power Points if it is used to fuel a power of equal or higher Level than those it possesses.

An item provides its full Power Points if it is used to fuel a power of lower Level than those it possesses. Naturally, this is not a comprehensive list, but provides examples of things that can be used.

Fairy Dust: Dust from the wings of fairies is a respectable power supply. However, one must gather a considerable amount of it in order for it to be effective, and it can take years to gather even an ounce. It is also vital to the faeries, of course, and getting it from them is no easy task. Fairy dust is usually kept in a container embedded in the object or sprinkled on the body or clothes.

Over 3 pounds: 50 Power Points at Level 3. TO GAA Dragon Heart: The heart of a dragon is a significant source of power, since it is the essence of these powerful supernatural beasts. The dragons age is crucial in determining the potential power. Dragon whelp: 50 Power Points at Level 3. Adult dragon: Power Points at Level 3. Ancient dragon: 20 Power Points at Level 4. Ancestral dragon: 50 Power Points at Level 4.

Ramalen Seed: The precious seeds that grow into the huge Ramalen trees are a raw material commonly that the otherworldly Dukzarist often used to enhance their magic items. Zebas and other, similar weapons usually contain only small slivers, although sometimes entire seeds are used to create items of great power. These seeds only create powers with some relation to fire and are useless for creating any other type of mystical abilities. Seed Extract: Power Points at Level 2. Doves Blood Gems: The gemstones known as doves blood are a source of supernatural power in their own right, since their supernatural Presence is the strongest of all objects that are not inherently magical.

To be effective, they must always be embedded in an object and visibly displayed. Their power depends on the size: Small gem: Power Points at Level 2. Large gem: Power Points at Level 2. Oni Horn: Oni horns contain much of the spiritual power of these creatures. If used during the creation of an object, they provide a powerful source of energy, especially if one uses two horns from the same creature. Both horns of a minor Oni: Power Points at Level 2.

Greater Oni horn: 50 Power Points at Level 3. Both horns of a greater Oni: Power Points at Level 3. Banshee Tears: The silvery metal of banshee tears is a powerful source of mystical power. Their power depends on their age and the depths of the sorrow is bound within them. Minor sorrow: 20 Power Points at Level 3. Major sorrow: 60 Power Points at Level 3.

Mandrake: Mandrake roots, plants that sprout under the feet of the dead, are used to enhance many magic items. Mandrake roots provide Power Points at Level 1 regardless of the amount used.

Star Metal: The strange alloy known as Star Metal allows smiths to forge objects of the highest quality imaginable, and is inherently powerful. An object made partly or entirely of this rare material has one of the following benefits, based on the amount of Star Metal it contains: Used as decoration: Power Points at Level 1.

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At least half of the item: Power Points at Level 2. The entire item: Power Points at Level 3. Pure Elements: Large concentrations of supernatural and elemental forces can be found in some parts of Gaa.

For example, these could include the snow from the peak of the highest mountain in the world, lava from the largest volcano, or the most valuable mineral from the deepest vein.

These are powerful raw materials that generate 50 Power Points at Level 3.

These Power Points can only be used for powers with an obvious connection to the element in question. Blood of Ancient Lineage: Strange powers are said to run in the blood of ancient royal dynasties. Using the blood of someone of ancient and royal ancestry in the forging of a metal or glass object provides power depending on the amount used. Less than one quart: 50 Power Points at Level 2.

Half of the persons blood: Power Points at Level 2. All of the persons blood: Power Points at Level 3. In fact, the term ritual itself is misleading, because it refers to the whole process required to give supernatural powers to object, which can sometimes take only a few hours for some items and years for others.

To perform the ritual, first determine the relevant Secondary Ability and the difficulty. Most often, a character would use Occultism, but a character can use Alchemy, Animism, Runes, or more specialized Secondary Abilities for creating artifacts. The difficulty is set by the Power Level of the object Table 6 and modifiers for the time spent on creation and other modifiers Table 7. If the result of the Check is equal to or greater than the difficulty, the creator has succeeded at making the device.

If the character fails the Check, consult Table 8 to determine the result. Hey everyone. It seems there's been a lot of interest for the PDF files of the anima books when I shared them recently, so I thought I'd make this it's own post so it's easier to find: I fixed my google drive settings, so now anyone with the link can view all of the files.

And feel free to share this link with anyone in your group or anyone who might be interested in this wonderful game! It looks like you're trying to mention another user, which only works if it's done in the comments like this otherwise they don't receive a notification:. I'm a bot. Reply to this message with "stop". Hmm, I hadn't heard of that book before. After a brief search it seems to be an exclusive PDF book for people who backed the Anima video game kickstarter.

I'll ask around and see if I can get my hands on a copy, but there's a good chance I won't be able to soon. I've done some digging and it seems that book is unavailable for download right now.

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The kickstarter is definitely over and I can't quite find other copies online. I'll keep an eye open though! It features auto-detect software and an easy save function for versatile and effortless recording.

Install all the content to your hard drive to save time and space by accessing from the disks. Immediate shipments can be organized for failures and disaster recovery. Discover how it s done in this. Download Prometheum exxet english pdf write Are there going to be phones without Qi wireless - Windows Central Forums Double-click on the Rkill desktop icon to run the tool.

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I did this with the Moto X. The master ability to remove a crafted mod is now available at level 7 rather than 8. Others might be contract workers or consultants.

Froogle, Authorize Net. Lire les critiques Designed for non-programmers, yet robust enough even for experienced Web site developers, Microsoft FrontPage 1.Get ready, the door to a universe of power never before explored now lies open before you. The holder suffers half damage from physical attacks.

A sufficiently skilled occultist may be able to identify the qualities or history of an object at a glance or by studying it in a place with the appropriate information, such as a library. Of course, nothing prevents a group of people collaborating to create a single objecta goldsmith could make a piece of jewelry even as an alchemist prepares the arcane ingredients and completes the occult ritual to enchant the item.

In terms of balance, a weaker person in possession of mystical objects will always be less powerful than a more skilled opponent.

Pifia reducida: In the case of creatures with Damage Resistance, this amount is multiplied by their Multiple of Damage Resistance. Elemental or Energy Weapons There are 3 levels of knowledge available about any given item. Finally, I told myself I could wait no longer and began to work on them.