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The purpose of this investigation was to obtain dry and crispy, fat-free, apple chips, by using osmotic and conventional drying.

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The changes of the mechanical properties of the apple tissue were investigated by texture analysis before and after the drying process. The overall acceptance of the new product was evaluated by means of sensory analysis. Fifty apples were washed and manually cut with a specially designed sharp stainless steel blade into very thin sheets of approximately 2 mm.

Then the apple sheets were cut by using a cork borer in form of discs with 18 mm diameter. The dewatering process was performed for min and three samples were collected at different time intervals for the analysis of moisture and solute contents in the apple discs.

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After the drying, the chips was cooled down to room temperature for 20 min and packed in multi-layered packaging bags. The packaging material was metalized polypropylene and the chips were packed under the nitrogen atmosphere to avoid moisture absorption, discoloration and spoilage during storage.

The chips were stored for 60 days. Measurement of color To measure the color of all apple samples during the osmotic dehydration and at the end of the drying process, Dr.

Lange spectro-color colorimeter was used. Browning index, BI, represents the purity of brown color and is considered as an important parameter associated with the browning of the samples Jeong et al, The experiments were replicated five times. To determine the texture of the fresh apples and apple chips two types of mechanicals test were applied.

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For the puncture test apple discs were placed on the platform and the 2 mm probe was used to puncture them in the center. The force-time curves were recorded by the instrument. Sensory analysis A sensory evaluation was also conducted to evaluate the overall acceptability of the product by using 9-point Hedonic scale. The group consisted of 53 persons with age from 13 to 67, 33 woman and 20 men.

All subjects declared themselves as consumers of potato chips and other crispy products. Testing was carried out in a sensory laboratory.

The samples were served in random order, each in a separate packaging of 1. The apples used in this study were selected at the same commercial maturity with The changes of the moisture and solid content during the osmotic process are presented in Figure 1. It was evident that the moisture loss increased with time of immersion.


Solute uptake was not following the same pattern. The initial period of osmosis, during the first 90 min, showed no solid uptake within the tissue, meaning that the amount of sugar leaching out of the sample was greater than the amount of sugar penetrating into the apples from the osmotic medium.

Similar results were reported by Khin et al, , when working with Fuji apples. After the osmotic dehydration apples were further dried by convection drying to obtain the apple chips.

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Learn more.Their quality, intensity and mutual relations are very important for product identification and acceptance by the consumers. These dried apples having common characteristics of crispy products were evaluated by the consumers as very healthy and satisfying for consumption. LogMeOnce's claim to fame is to be utterly "passwordless.

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