Sometimes, as in Chapter 19, the full name TI Plus Silver Edition is used to graphing handhelds differ only in available RAM memory, interchangeable advanced function keys, and scientific calculator keys. normalpdf(computes the probability density function (pdf) for the normal distribution at a. Trademarks: Wiley, the Wiley Publishing logo, For Dummies, the Dummies Man logo, A Reference for the. Rest of Us!, The Dummies Way, Dummies Daily, The. TI Plus C Graphing Calculator Important Keystrokes. The TI Plus C graphing calculator offers some very advanced functions, but to get to those advanced.

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The Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) Program. Hacking Kevin is author of Hacking Hacking Wireless Networ. Read TI Plus Graphing Calculator For Dummies PDF Ebook by C. C. Edwards .Published by For Dummies, ePUB/PDF Basic Use of the TI Plus. Topics: Most of these are used for the graphing functions. When borrowing a calculator from the SRC, you may want to clear any.

The keys to press most often appear in the following list:.

The following list shows some of the more common and helpful math functions:. You bought the TI Plus C graphing calculator to help you do graphs, and help you it does.

The points in the following list walk you through the steps to take to get your TI Plus C to display a graph:. The TI Plus C graphing calculator not only helps you make graphs, but its Zoom commands also help you highlight specific areas of a graph, redraw graphs in certain ratios, and otherwise tweak graphs to suit your needs.

The following list shows you what each Zoom command does:.

Draws a box around a portion of the graph and redraws the graph in a viewing window that has the dimensions of the box. Zoom In: Zooms in on the graph at the location of the cursor. Zoom Out: Zooms out on the graph at the location of the cursor.

Draws the graph in a —6. When the graph is traced, the x -coordinate of the Trace cursor equals an integral multiple of 0.

Redraws the graph in a window that makes circles look like circles instead of ellipses. Redraws the graph so that when it is traced, the x -coordinate of the Trace cursor equals an integer.

Making Friends with the Calculator 7 Chapter 1: Starting with the Basics 9 Chapter 2: Doing Basic Arithmetic 25 Chapter 3: Dealing with Fractions 35 Chapter 4: Solving Equations 41 Part II: Working with Complex Numbers 53 Chapter 6: Understanding the Math Menu and Submenus 59 Chapter 7: The Angle and Test Menus 69 Chapter 8: Graphing and Analyzing Functions 89 Chapter 9: Graphing Functions 91 Chapter Exploring Functions Chapter Evaluating Functions Chapter Graphing Inequalities Chapter Graphing Parametric Equations Chapter Graphing Polar Equations Chapter Graphing Sequences Part IV: Working with Probability and Statistics Chapter Probability Chapter Dealing with Statistical Data Chapter Analyzing Statistical Data Part V: Doing More with Your Calculator Chapter Communicating Between Calculators Chapter Fun with Images Chapter The Part of Tens Chapter ZInteger: Redraws the graph so that when it is traced, the x-coordinate of the Trace cursor equals an integer.

Finds an appropriate viewing window for stat plots.

And min. Table of contents Introduction 1 Part I: