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Nestling age was measured in days after hatching, with day 0 being the day of hatching long-tailed tit broods hatch synchronously.

Based on field observations, brooding behavior ofthe long-tailed tit population mostly occurred between nestling age of one and five days. We thereforeincluded videos filmed for nestlings up to six days old. Brood size was the number of nestlings observed when filming the nest. We used the mean daily temperature recorded by the Xinyang Weather Station as the ambient temperature of the filming day.

hdr sr11 manual

Relative breeding season was the number of days after the hatching date of the first nest in each breeding season, with this variable used to reflect the relative position of the nest in the breeding season. When analyzing brooding duration in relation to time of day, we divided daytime h into ten 1-h periods h, h, etc.

If the brooding behavior occurred across time periods, the time period was considered the period of longer brooding duration. For example, if brooding behavior occurred from h to h, its duration in period h 20 min was longer than that in period h 5 min , and therefore the brooding behavior was assigned to period h. The nests of long-tailed tits are dome-shaped, with an entrance hole on the side near the top Li et al.

We treated a behavior as brooding when an adult entered the nest and settled down on the nestlings; it was not treated as a brooding behavior if an adult entered the nest for a short period of time without settling down. Nestling feeding frequency included both feeding by the brooding adult who carried food to the nest and then brooded and feeding by non-brooding adults whose food was usually transferred by the brooding adult to the nestlings.

Data were analyzed using linear mixed models fitted by restricted estimation maximum likelihood. Linear mixed models canaccount for both fixed and r and om effects Bolker et al.

In the analysis, the duration of each brooding behavior was treated as the dependent variable. Year, nest identity, video identity and adult identity were included as r and om factors to control for non-independence between observations of the same year, same nest, same observation and same adult, respectively.

Explanatory variables were the sex of parents, nestling age, squareof nestling age brooding duration may vary with age in an asymptote way , brood size, temperature, relative breeding season, time of day and nestling feeding frequency by adults during brooding.

Two-way interactions of the above factors were also considered, except for that between nestling age and square of nestling age biologically meaningless.Each nest was filmed 1.

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We analyzed the relationships between parental diurnal brooding duration and nestling age, brood size, temperature, relative breeding season, time of day and nestling frequencies during brooding duration.

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