The Baby-Sitter (The Baby-Sitter, #1; Point Horror, #5) Stine (Goodreads Author) (shelved 34 times as point-horror) by Richie Tankersley Cusick (shelved 33 times as point-horror). Book of Horrors by Diane Hoh · The Boy Next Door by Point Horror Collection 2 : My Secret Admirer, The Accident, Funhouse by Carol Ellis · Point Horror. Point Horror is series of young adult horror fiction books which include authors such as They are "Point Horror Unleashed", "Nightmare Hall" and "Mutant.

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{READ} BOOK Asylum - 13 Tales of Terror ONLINE FULL PDF · {READ} BOOK {READ} BOOK Thirteen Tales of Horror (Point Horror 13's) ONLINE FULL PDF. eBooks - Category: Horror - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. Discover new authors and their books in our eBook community. Let's not forget that he contributed 19 books to the “Point Horror” series. ISBN , ISBN ,, tutorials, pdf, ebook, torrent.

Carlton Wyatt.

Britny Marsh. Kelly Reade. Kade McGregor. Rachel McFarland. Catherine Belmont. Cassandra Bly. Pam Perkins. Irma Foster. Byron Wetherly. Angela Foster. Lucy Dennison. Sandy Lopez. Jon Frayne. Melissa Robinson. Griffin Black. Roger Eckridge. Terri Martin.

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Trish Somerfield. Storm Reynolds. James Dark. Christina Jenkins.

Inspecteur de Vries. Fam Hagen. David Bender. Denny Singleton. Art Eckridge. Danube, Illinois, USA. Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Edgar Award Nominee. How do series work? Top bar: Series by cover 1—8 of next show all. The Accident by Diane Hoh. Amnesia by Sinclair Smith. April Fools by Richie Tankersley Cusick. At Gehenna's Door by Peter Beere.

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The Baby-Sitter by R. Beach Party by R. The Belltower by Samantha Lee. Blind Date by Priscilla Maynard. Blood Curse by Janice Harrell. Blood Sinister by Celia Rees.

Blood Spell by Janice Harrell. The Body by Carol Ellis.

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The Bogle by Samantha Lee. Book of Horrors by Diane Hoh.

The Bride by D. The Bride by R. Call Waiting by R.

Camp Fear by Carol Ellis. The Carver by Jenny Jones.

Catchman by Chris Wooding. The Cemetery by D. The Cheerleader by Caroline B. The Claw by Carmen Adams. The Cunning Man by Celia Rees. The Dark by Linda Cargill. The Dark 2 by Linda Cargill. Darker by Andrew Matthews. The Dead Game by A. The Dead Girlfriend by R. How could I have ever enjoyed reading this trash? Nonetheless, I enjoyed them hugely at the time. I couldn't get enough of those flamboyant covers with their fabulously portentous taglines, such as "Dating can be Deadly" Double Date "This party is a killer" Halloween Night and "She'd kill for a date" Prom Date.

What's more, Point Horror was just the beginning of a foray into an ocean of young adult horror - it wasn't long before I graduated to the slightly darker Christopher Pike and then the considerably darker Poppy Z Brite , drinking in gruesome tales of teenagers who were turned into alien monsters and ate their friends, and cannibalistic serial killers who escaped from prison and took great pleasure eviscerating young men.

So back to the question of what happened to Point Horror? Is it possible kids aren't so easily frightened these days and are skipping straight to the hard stuff like Stephen King and James Herbert? Or could it be that interactive video games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, not to mention the numerous supernatural TV shows and slasher pics of recent years, make Point Horror seem quaint? Despite the fact that all contain plots which could have been lifted from any of one of those books, many of today's games, film and TV shows are savvy and also feature elements of parody and self reference far beyond the scope of Point Horror.

Twins Paperback by Caroline B. The Yearbook Paperback by Peter Lerangis. Pines Editor. Twisted Point Horror, 2 by R. Krazy 4 U Paperback by A. Prom Date Paperback by Diane Hoh.

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The Stranger Paperback by Caroline B. Mirror, Mirror Point Horror, 13 by D. Amnesia Paperback by Sinclair Smith. The Diary Paperback by Sinclair Smith. Blind Date Point Horror, 1 by R.

The Waitress Paperback by Sinclair Smith. The Phantom Paperback by Barbara Steiner.There were plenty of exciting and scary parts, and I had fun figuring out who the baddie was in the story so many red herrings. Hide and Seek by Jane McFann.

The Initiation by Diane Hoh. The Stranger Paperback by Caroline B. How convenient! What a kiss from hell! She loved him that much….