use the following links: FIITJEE CHEMISTRY RSM GOOGLE DRIVE FIITJEE MATHS RSM GOOGLE DRIVE FIITJEE PHYSICS RSM click the links,wait 5 sec. FIITJEE CHEMISTRY RSM GOOGLE DRIVE · FIITJEE MATHS RSM GOOGLE DRIVE · FIITJEE PHYSICS RSM(this link is given by mihir chopra at leadest). FIITJEE JEE MAIN IN 40 DAYS BY ARIHANT FOR PCM PDF. case of RSM – Two Year Version. IIT-JEE, Top Rankers from FIITJEE Rankers Study Material. All India All India Name Name Rank Rank. 1 .

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Fiitjee Rankers Study Material Rsm - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FIITJEE-Rsm - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. All about FIITjee Correspondence course for IIT JEE. Related Programs. Rankers Study Material for JEE Main & Advanced; One Year All India Test Series For JEE Main & Advanced; Grand Masters Package (GMP).

No, Form can be filled online at www. You only need to pay the applicable program fees. What is the procedure for offline enrolment?

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The last date for admission may vary for each program. If I face problem in online or offline enrolment, to whom can I approach? Is there any helpline? For all pre-enrolment queries, you can write to our sales team at sales.

At what address do I have to send Application form and other documents in case I decide to take offline enrolment? Is there any Criteria to register for Distance Learning Program?

Is there any scholarship for Distance Learning students? No, Fee once paid is purely non refundable. What Rankers Study Material is comprised of?

IIT-JEE, 2012 Top Rankers from FIITJEE Rankers Study Material

Will I get the complete study material immediately after enrolment? Detailed Dispatch schedule for complete academic session will be sent to student with first phase of study material along with topics covered in each phase.

The block A is [10] streatched a small distance and released then find the frequency of the , w -v-V? An open tank containing a non-viscous liquid tp a height of 5m is placed over the ground.


A heavy spherical ball falls from height 40 m oVer'the ground in the tank. Ignoring air resistance find the height to which ball will go back. Collision between bail and bottom of tank is perfectly elastic.

An adiabatic cylinder of length 1m and cross-sectional area cm2 is closed at both ends. A freely moving non conducting thin piston divides the cylinder in to two equal parts. Initially left part of the 28 gms of nitrogen out of which one third of molecules are dissociated into atoms.

Calculate the a heat supplied by the heating coil connected to compress the spring by — I 4 b work done by gas in right part.

Find the maximum-value of — to ensure pure rolling at plank and sphere surface. Neglect the masses of the springs. Initial length of string on each side was 1m. Find the ratio of time in which each pulse reaches to pulley on either side.

What is required is total dedication and hard work. Students having sound fundamental knowledge of subject will always outperform the students who are only confining their preparation to pattern rather than understanding the concepts. Hyderabad Saifabad. Mumbai Andheri.

In case of Grade system in Boards. Punjabi Bagh.

Jaipur JLN Marg. Andhra Pradesh. In order to select the best.

Since the seats will be limited. Anglo Indian.


Please write name behind the photo and demand draft. Date of Birth. If a student is eligible for two or more than two scholarships he can avail only one scholarship whichever is higher or highest.

Telephone number. Scholarships on scholastic achievement i. Each and every column of the enrolment form should be filled properly.

Note 2. Olympiad etc. Note 3.

For Scholarships please see the last page. Permanent address. Course Fee cannot be paid by Cheque or Cash.

E-mail ID. Note 1. One Year Version and about 60 hrs.

Correspondence address. Note 2: Kalu Sarai.

A1 in Science. Pre Departure Training Rs. Note 1: Scholarships on Scholastic achievement are applicable for those students qualifying in the general category only. All India Rank upto last Rank called for counselling.Peace Corps Documents.

Note 1: The subjective exercises are a must, and they help clear out a lot of concepts of the chapters. Scholarships on Scholastic achievement are applicable for those students qualifying in the general category only. It has all you need in order to clear JEE well, provided you take this material.

Krispin Chicunque.

No, Fee once paid is purely non refundable.