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A Chance At Love (California Hearts Book 1) by Bianca suiswanlegitil.ml КБ. Black (Clashing .. [Romance] Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips Wedding Day Pretty .. Elizabeth Phillips. What I Did for Love (#5 Wynette, TX) part 1 of 2. Laddas ned direkt. Köp What I Did for Love av Susan Elizabeth Phillips på Bokus. com. Format: E-bok; Filformat: EPUB med Adobe-kryptering. Om Adobe-. These 15 books -- similar to books by Susan Elizabeth Phillips -- include For fans of: Movie-star romances like Phillips's What I Did for Love.

That day had been the beginning for her. The beginning and the end. The limo turned south on Fifth Avenue, and her memories slipped further back to those childhood years in England before she had even known that places like Texas existed. What a spoiled little monster she had been— pampered and petted as her mother Chloe swept her from one European playground to another, one party to the next.

Even as a child she'd been perfectly arrogant—so absolutely confident that the famous Serritella beauty would crack open the world for her and make all the pieces fall back together into any new configuration she wished.

Little Francesca—a vain, feckless creature, completely unprepared for what life was going to hand her. She had been twenty-one years old that day in when she lay in the dust on the Texas road. Twenty-one years old, unmarried, alone, and pregnant.

Now she was nearly thirty-two, and although she owned every possession she had ever dreamed about, she felt just as alone now as she had been on that hot autumn afternoon.

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to imagine what course her life would have taken if she'd stayed in England. But America had changed her so utterly that she couldn't even envision it.

What I Did For Love

She smiled to herself. When Emma Lazarus had written the poem about huddled masses yearning to breathe free, she certainly couldn't have been thinking of a vain young English girl arriving in this country wearing a cashmere sweater and carrying a Louis Vuitton suitcase. But poor little rich girls had to dream, too, and the dream of America had proven grand enough to encompass even her.

Stefan knew something was bothering Francesca.

She had been unusually quiet all evening, not at all like herself. He had planned to ask her to marry him tonight, but now he wondered if he wouldn't do better to wait.

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She was so different from the other women he knew that he could never predict exactly how she would react to anything. He suspected the dozens of other men who had been in love with her had experienced something of the same problem. If rumor could be believed, Francesca's first important conquest had occurred at age nine on board the yacht Christina when she had smitten Aristotle Onassis.

There were so many of them surrounding Francesca, most of which couldn't possibly be true She had once told him quite casually that Winston Churchill had taught her how to play gin rummy, and everyone knew the Prince of Wales had courted her. One evening not long after they had met, they had been sipping champagne and exchanging anecdotes about their childhoods.

An amusing story, but he didn't believe a word of it. The Old World Chapter 1 When Francesca was first placed in her mother's arms, Chloe Serritella Day burst into tears and insisted that the sisters at the private London hospital where she had given birth had lost her baby.

Any imbecile could see that this ugly little creature with its mashed head and swollen eyelids could not possibly have come from her own exquisite body. Since no husband was present to comfort the hysterical Chloe, it was left to the sisters to assure her that most newborns weren't at their best for several days. Chloe ordered them to take away the ugly little imposter and not come back until they had found her own dear baby.

She then reapplied her makeup and greeted her visitors—among them a French film star, the secretary of the British Home Office, and Salvador Dali—with a tearful account of the terrible tragedy that had been perpetrated upon her. The visitors, long accustomed to the beautiful Chloe's dramatics, merely patted her hand and promised to look into the matter.

Dali, in a burst of magnanimity, announced he would paint a surrealistic version of the infant in question as a christening gift, but mercifully lost interest in the project and sent a set of vermeil goblets instead.

A week passed.

On the day she was to be released from the hospital, the sisters helped Chloe dress in a loose-fitting black Balmain sheath with a wide organdy collar and cuffs.

Afterward, they guided her into a wheelchair and deposited the rejected infant in her arms. The intervening time had done little to improve the baby's appearance, but in the moment she gazed down at the bundle in her arms, Chloe experienced one of her lightning-swift mood changes.

Peering into the mottled face, she announced to one and all that the third generation of Serritella beauty was now assured.

No one had the bad manners to disagree, which, as it turned out, was just as well, for within a matter of months, Chloe had been proved correct. Chloe's sensitivity on the subject of female beauty had its roots in her own childhood. As a girl she had been plump, with an extra fold of fat squaring off her waist and small fleshy pads obscuring the delicate bones of her face.

She was not heavy enough to be considered obese in the eyes of the world, but was merely plump enough to feel ugly inside, especially in comparison to her sleek and stylish mother, the great Italian-born couturiere, Nita Serritella. It was not until , the summer when Chloe was twelve years old, that anyone told her she was beautiful.

Home on a brief holiday from one of the Swiss boarding schools where she spent too much of her childhood, she was sitting as inconspicuously as possible with her full hips perched on a gilt chair in the corner of her mother's elegant salon on the rue de la Paix. She watched with both resentment and envy as Nita, pencil slim in a severely cut black suit with oversize raspberry satin lapels, conferred with an elegantly dressed customer. They really need to watch their figures.

They were hungry and barefoot from a bad dinner and good sex. With the boat safely tucked inside the boathouse and water lapping at the hull, they lazed on the bench-seat in the stern. World-famous playboy-athlete Kenny Traveler is suspended from the sport he loves, and only one thing will restore his career—complete and utter respectability.

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Sometimes you just know that God has a sense of humor. Isabel Favor, author of Four Cornerstones for a Favorable Life, has sacrificed everything to build her self-help empire.

Worst of all is Colin Byrne, the man whose career Sugar Beth destroyed. So Jane needs someone.

She was definitely a girl beaver because her beaver head was missing, revealing sweaty, dark hair pulled into a scraggly ponytail. What should a down-on-her-luck actress do?


Now get ready to meet his shark of an agent, Heath Champion, and Annabelle Granger, the girl least likely to succeed. Despite his dazzling good looks and killer charm, Bobby Tom has reservations about being a movie star — and no plans […] Glitter Baby Welcome to the world of the Glitter Baby Fleur Savagar is the most beautiful woman in the world.

With her oversized hands and paddle-boat feet, her streaky blond hair and funny green eyes, she lives a life filled with secrets that began before […] Dream a Little Dream This is not an official Chicago Stars book, but continues the story of the Bonner family.

The beloved New York Times bestselling author returns with a delightfully sassy, sexy, and downright irresistible tale of true love Texas style.Magic Bleeds Kate Daniels 4 Part 2 of 2. Feb 13, Lana rated it liked it Recommends it for: I just Love Puals writings, this one takes the cake for me. The beginning was a bit boring, but still interesting enough to keep me reading.

I've rarely seen an established author go this far downhill with a novel.


As she searches desperately for a way to escape, she wishes Arin could know what she sacrificed for him. Benjamin and Craig were born after Romney had begun his career. Other Editions If you have not read SEP, do not start here.

She had been unusually quiet all evening, not at all like herself.