Arranged Love book. Read 41 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Suhaani is enjoying her independent status in the US and her sexy Ind. Arranged Love book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Suhaani is enjoying her independent status in the US and her sexy Indian Ame. - download Arranged Love book online at best prices in India on Read Arranged Love book reviews & author details and more at

Arranged Love Book

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Arranged Love. Fiction. Arranged Love offers parents smart ideas to raise bright, happy kids and free online memory books to capture fun parenting moments. Arranged Love [Parul A. Mittal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Suhaani is enjoying her independent status in the US and her sexy Indian . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Parul A. Mittal is the author of the national bestseller Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month?.

She has finally touched the nerves of what people wants from an Author with a Biography like hers. Hats Off! The whole story right from 1st page to nd is interesting and not a single page bores you.

I can easily claim that I will look forward to future works of Parul Mittal. Coming to the review- The first five pages itself notifies that the book is going to be fast paced and entertaining.

Suhani's interaction with her sister Tanu as soon as she comes back to India is surprisingly entertaining. The introduction of her childhood friend- Neha is also naughty and witty. Then, her conversation with her parents especially with mother is funny and typical Indian Mother-Unmarried Daughter talk.

Also, later on her mother spying the account of Suhaani's boyfriend- Jay is god damn funny. Its amusing to imagine a mother stalking her daughter's boyfriend's Facebook profile. The real story begins from there. The way Jay keeps a normal gesture while bombarding minor bombs over her through conversation that keeps on screwing her mind is another good part of the book. The way Authoress has described the feeling of a girl for boy's physique is what I would appreciate because in India, it is always shown as if only boys are physically attracted while girls are quite controlled.

But this book gives a real insight. Second- As some of the recent events like movies, songs etc are mentioned, it refreshes our mind because we feel as if all the characters are true and living somewhere near us.

Some of them really made me laugh. Coming to the drawbacks- Jay's character is boring and does not entertain. Even when Author shows that Suhaani is in love with him, all the events described with him right from start is just about lust, physical attraction and love-making.

That's something off-track. Then, when the word "nipple-hardening" is used for the first time, I liked it but later on when authoress kept on talking about hardening of nipples, it irritated. Even males don't talk about erection for so many times in their book.

It should have been avoided. That's all.

Overall, I would rate this book 3. I would have given it more if I would not have read other stories related to the same topic from female authors. It's worth. Jan 25, Hashma rated it really liked it. As I am going for an arranged marriage, Now I can try an arranged love also. Thanks Parul for the inspiration. Jan 24, Sarika Patkotwar rated it really liked it. Actual rating- 3. Mittal in exchange for an honest review.

We thank Parul for the book! Arranged Love is author Parul A. Mittal 's second novel. I haven't read the author's first book yet, but after reading Arranged Love, I'm so eager to know more about the early days, the develo Actual rating- 3.

I haven't read the author's first book yet, but after reading Arranged Love, I'm so eager to know more about the early days, the development and the dissolution of the unceasing relationship between Tanu and Rahul.

Arranged Love was a very preppy and sweet read that made me laugh out loud and kept me entertained throughout. The summary of the book aptly describes everything that one needs to know about the story and it really makes no sense for me to put it all down again.

The Arranged Love Marriage

The book tries to answer the question that all Indians love to ask- arranged marriage or love marriage? On her return to India, Suhaani encounters Deepak Goyal, a guy her dad has picked as a potential suitor for her.

This is when Suhaani faces the dilemma between marrying the guy of her choice or the guy of her parents' choice. As a protagonist, Suhaani was alright. She was carefree and chilled out.

Her confusion and concerns about marriage were understandable. Her family was really lovely. I loved her relation with her dad, which was more friendly rather than filial. Her mom's obsession with Facebook and Farmville was hilarious. Both her parents were worried about their daughter and it was so easy for me to relate to Suhaani's family life. Her cousin Tanu and her best friend Neha were also very important for her and it showed.

As for the two guys, Jay's comments and comebacks were boisterous and made me laugh out loud. He was a great guy and I liked him. Deep, on the other hand, was the quintessential Indian man that every Indian girl would like to get to know.

Suhaani's relation with both the guys was fun to read, albeit difficult to understand.

Parul A. Mittal 's Arranged Love is a very enjoyable and highly entertaining read. In spite of certain editorial mistakes, a few negative reviews that I previously read, the IIT set-up which is so common in books by young Indian authors , the typical commonalities that it shares with other novels, and the happy yet rather abrupt ending, the book is really really very enjoyable. Of course nothing is perfect and neither is Arranged Love but whatever it is, it is really very good.

People have said that the new generation will be able to relate to it. I absolutely enjoyed reading Arranged Love.

It was a fresh, fun and flirty read. Jan 22, Jaasindah Mir rated it liked it Shelves: A painter at heart, Suhani is all set to make money out of a nude painting of her boyfriend.

A potential suitor for Suhani. She calls herself lucky when she finds a job at iTrot. Suhani is an average Indian girl like anyone of us. The only child, spoilt by her parents and loves unconditionally, she is one of the bubbliest characters I have come across in any Indian novel.

Soon after you are through a few pages, you will immediately fall in love with Ms. Though the plot can be very flimsy at times, you will find yourself giggling really very often. Humour used by Ms. Mittal is truly a thing worth Kudos to her. I loved the way she made me giggle. For the people who loved Heartbreaks and Dreams: You will find the protagonist of Heartbreaks and Dreams, Tanu, treat you after every few pages.

Just like the highly well developed characters, the dialogues are exceptionally amazing. It is as if you are hearing the conversation of two people sitting next to you. Very real and crisp dialogues and sentences respectively were my favourite part of the book.

Another thing about the book that I absolutely loved was the mention of different songs at appropriate occasions.

I could almost play them all in my mind. The thing that irked me a little was that the author has portrayed the characters in a way that give more than necessary importance to physical pleasures. I do not think the girls today, or even in the past would have been that sex crazy as Ms. Mittal shows them to be. But at places, I hated the mention of Tanu. But like I said, for the ones who wanted a sequel to Heartbreaks and Dreams, this one is a must read for them.

The ending became predictable a little before the book finished. But it could certainly have been something better. I personally was expecting an ending I would cherish, but sadly it was given a little less crunch than that it deserved. Overall, this is a totally gripping read.

I am eagerly waiting for her upcoming works. Originally from my blog: Dec 23, Karan Chowdhary rated it liked it. Hi Parul I have just finished reading your new book, and wanted to write to you about my thoughts. I would just want to admit that I have been straight and blunt with my language and understanding of life lately after experiencing its realities in an different enlightening way, please bear with me and my thoughts as they are in no way to either criticize or bring down the effort of you writing a book and then managing to get it published too!!!

For me this moment is a great achievement in itself Hi Parul I have just finished reading your new book, and wanted to write to you about my thoughts. At times I was confused and got lost in the reading matter and then I had to read again certain passages to get the grip again.

At times it made me felt like I was reading an erotic adult manual of a female trying to educate a male as to how to interpret her distinct behavioral patterns in need of sex being misinterpreted as love, yet in other instances it felt as if Suhaani is herself exposing the hidden female psyche which male have not yet been able to decipher at times. Although at certain instances it felt obvious to understand what was coming next, but at some instances you have managed to create a suspense for the new reader!!!

Which I appreciate. Some situations reminded me of Sex and the City and others reminded me of a typical Hindi Serial being run in front of my eyes. An ending note describing LOVE as you have felt it in your life might had assisted readers to relate themselves with you and get connected with you for a long-long time to come, what say?

Regards Karan Chowdhary Feb 04, Vibina Venugopal rated it really liked it. Chick-lit genre is slowly expanding its horizon through the country and Mittal has come up with an interesting pot pouri through her latest novel.. Suhaani's life is a bliss with an independent life as a master's student in the United States with a handsome boy friend and an alluring career ahead of her.. Though she misses India somehow she has chosen to fit in the US penning down a future there Going steady with her half Indian boy friend Jay she is not ready to open up with her family..

But Al Chick-lit genre is slowly expanding its horizon through the country and Mittal has come up with an interesting pot pouri through her latest novel.. But Alas her parents are all set to bring her back home and marry her to someone of their choice.. Their choice being Deepakan IITian.. From start their frequency seem to be antagonistic with each other.. But funny twist of fate bestows upon her in the form of recession and she finds herself on the couch of her home with no job a long distant relationship and a freaked out attitude..

With much pursuasion from her father she calls Deep for career advice and ends up in Deep's project to her utter astonishment Worst to come she finds him quite interesting and a great guy to get along Trying hard to cope up with Jay's western culture she suddenly questions her own choice on Jay Suhaani's mother's farmville love was quite hilariously portrayed FB forms a mention all through the book showcasing the everyday life of every Indian..

For Suhaani FB status depicts her state of mind But Suhaani's current issue is that she is working under the prospective groom to whom she is strangely aligned or attracted to To put a full stop she decides to reject him with a poison dose of love to her astonishment he rejects her taking it all well Read on to know what further happens in the Jay-Suhaani-Deep triangle..

Though the protagonist was Suhaani , I was in awe with Tanu di In her thirties she believed in true love while having successful career and a strong sense honesty When she reunited with Champ or Rohan sir it was high cheers moment for me.. On the other hand Neha her best buddy is all vivacious and highly flirty creating lively aura all around Though Suhaani's dilemna was well done I couldn't stop myself from being irritated with the lack of sensibility while dealing with Deep's emotions Though she grows up as the novel progresses, her benchmark of honesty is something I couldn't handle on Suhaani's mother comes through as a charmer with her Fb love and a fondness on its application, while her father and she shares a wonderful father daughter equation Overall I loved the whole treatment of the plot with Hinglish slang, love for Rafi, Gibran The company of iTrot.

This book is a sure scorer on lively read.. Feb 14, Bharat rated it liked it Shelves: Browsing through it generated some interest and the price point just demanded an impulse download from me. Was it worth it? Read on.

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Arranged love is a very common concept in India where arranged marriages thrive and everything from the shaadi ka mandap, baraaat, khana, peena and rona dhona can be arranged, including love. The plot? Well, it is one more in the chic lit series without much of a plot and which more looks like an autobiographical account of the author.

Actually, I think, the genesis of all such books is aspirational. Obviously the usual masala of sex, love and some rona dhona is added to make it saleable or rather publish worthy. Coming back to the book, it is about a female protagonist who is studying in the US and dating an American.

She comes back to India due to the recession where the whole drama part starts. Her Dad wants to set her up and her mom wants her to settle down — both want her to get married to the IIT boy they have selected.

Lot of happenings, office romance, Drunken stupors later we come to an end of the story. One thing that I loved about the book is the characterization of each of the characters which has been etched in detail that you feel that you start relating to them. Different frustu characters in the office and the male protagonist being shown as a superstud, the elderly sister who has complete clarity in life and the completely opposite cousin who wants to experiment with everything sex on it.

Why would she willingly give up her independence? Blake Chesterfield has no intention of leaving Bath without Marjorie, however, no matter what that entails. Meanwhile, rumors about black magic and devils abound. He is intent of claiming Hell for his own and making Valeda his queen. I told you, Lannister levels of creep. Full stop. Judging by the reviews people either hate it or love it. The Winter King by C. Wilson Who: Khamsin Coruscate is a princess of Summerlea, but her father despises the very sight of her and so she spends most of her life living out of sight in an old wing of the palace.

Wynter is the king of Wintercraig, a fierce warrior of inhuman strength and skill. Unwilling to give up one of his beloved daughters, the king disguises Khamsin as one of her sisters and forces her to marry Wynter. Radiance by Grace Draven Who: Ildiko is royalty, and has always known that her only value was what she could gain for her family via a political marriage.

She just sort of…expected her groom to be human. Why: A trade and political alliance between the human kingdom of Guar, and the Kai kingdom of Bast, must be secured by marriage. No matter how unattractive—or horrifying—the two intendeds find each other.

She gets by in life by stealing to support herself and her once wealthy father. Lord Benjamin Archer hides his disfigured face behind a mask, and his dark nature deep down inside of his skin.

Rather than kill the man, Archer demands an arranged marriage between himself and Miranda instead. Love the trope? Even when they end up working together, Suhaani decides she will not fall for this guy. But before she can turn him down, he rejects her! Get A Copy. site Edition , pages. More Details Friend Reviews.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Arranged Love , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 04, Siddharth Verma rated it did not like it. Arranged love is a story about Suhaani, a young girl who is mentally obsessed with sex and yet whenever put in an intimate situation, she ends up acting like a 13 year old girl.

She is too confused to be a part of an adult relationship which reminded me of a lot of girls like her the making the men in their lives miserable with their unrealistic expectations and double standards in their relationship.

"Arranged Love" by Parul A Mittal-Book Review

The author made it seem that her mind and her actions had no connection whatsoever. The writing Arranged love is a story about Suhaani, a young girl who is mentally obsessed with sex and yet whenever put in an intimate situation, she ends up acting like a 13 year old girl.

The writing seemed as if the author is still in middle school, trying to pass 8th grade. Thajuna rated it it was amazing Nov 23, Pankaj Arya rated it liked it Dec 28, Was it worth it? Flashy yellow background and red heart symbols with many icons of the e - world are screaming loudly that the book is for Facebook-generation Ones who know Facebook as the only way to socialize, to especially , and is able to register the attention of the readers.

Now Abigail has returned from America, the woman she has become is nothing like the girl Graeme remembers, and he has no idea why she is back, or what she wants. Also elaborating a bit more on how low conversion at itrot were increased. Dec 19, Ajith Rajan rated it liked it Shelves: RivoKids offer parents smart ideas to raise bright happy kids and free online memory books to capture fun parenting moments.