personality than that of the writer known as Jane Roberts. Since that Jane . particular Seth personality that I, the larger Seth identity adopt here, would not be. SPECIFIC, PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES. FOR SOLVING EVERYDAY PROBLEMS. AND ENRICHING THE LIFE. YOU KNOW. Jane Roberts. NOTES BY ROBERT. The Seth Material is a system of philosophy presented by Jane Roberts and . A. According to Seth we create our own reality--literally--through beliefs we hold.

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their spiritual pathway. The amazing in-depth information in the Seth books is as relevant today as it was in the early '70s when Jane Roberts first channeled this. Near the end of this book Jane and Rob start ESP testing with Seth and Dr. 97 "Our contacts now are not just contacts with Robert F. Butts and Jane Roberts, . Seth/Jane Roberts Overview [] Paul Helfrich, Kate Turkington Talk Radio Seth/Jane Roberts: A Conscious Creation Overview (PDF) by Paul Helfrich.

They were out in the air where I could at least deal with them. As far as we could tell, for all of my stewing and hemming and hawing, there were no alarming changes in my personality. I was doing twice the creative work I had done earlier. I was satisfied with the quality of the Seth Material; it was far superior to anything I could do on my own.

If nothing else, I thought the sessions presented a way of making deeply unconscious knowledge available on a consistent basis. I didn't believe in gods or demons, so I didn't fear them.

I wanted to learn. Rob and I had discovered a whole new world together, and we were going to explore it. There was a constant battle, though, as some of our results ran full tilt into my intellectual ideas. In the beginning, I took it for granted that Seth was a subconscious fantasy, personified, because I simply couldn't accept the possibility of spirits or, for that matter, life after death. Then, after it became obvious that the Seth sessions were going to continue, we kept constant check on my personality characteristics and went to a psychologist — as any sane, red-blooded American would do under such circumstances in those days.

Seth seemed far more mature and well-balanced than the psychologist, so finally I stopped worrying. Besides, my personality showed no adverse signs of instability. If anything, I was more competent in handling physical affairs. This is not to say the experience did not cause certain strains and stresses that could accompany any worthwhile venture in an entirely new field.

Over the years, hundreds of people witnessed Seth speaking. By this time Jane had given up her gallery work, and was teaching nursery school during part of this time. Outside of the ESP class structure, Roberts gave many personal Seth sessions to various individuals who had written her, asking for help.

When the books began to sell in sufficient numbers, she dropped that fee. Beginning in January , Roberts wrote books which she described as dictated by Seth.


Roberts claimed no authorship of these books beyond her role as medium. This series of "Seth books" totaled ten volumes. The last two books appear to be incomplete due to Roberts' illness. Butts contributed extensive footnotes , appendices, and other comments to all the Seth books, and thus was a co-author on all of them. These additions describe what was going on in Roberts' and his life at the time of the various sessions, annotated some of Seth's comments in light of contemporary beliefs and materials that Roberts and Butts were reading, described excerpts from some fan mail and letters from professionals commenting on Seth's material about their fields, and, especially later, provided insight as to the many steps of production of multiple books with the publisher.

By February they were still receiving "from 30 to 50 letters and packages a week" from readers of their various books. According to Roberts, Seth described himself as an "energy personality essence no longer focused in physical matter," and was independent of Roberts' subconscious.

Roberts initially expressed skepticism as to Seth's origins, wondering if he was a part of her own personality. Some "Practice Elements" were even given so that the readers could see how a few of the concepts could be practically experienced.

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Roberts had spent consecutive days in a hospital in Elmira, N. The immediate causes of her death were a combination of protein depletion, osteomyelitis , and soft-tissue infections.

These conditions arose out of her long-standing rheumatoid arthritis.

Butts remarried, and his second wife, Laurel Lee Davies, supported his work during the more than twenty years that they were together.

Davies had moved to Elmira from California in at Butts' request to help answer mail and proofread manuscripts. They did not actually marry until Butts died of cancer on May 26, Jane Roberts Butts and Robert F. Butts Jr. The vitality of the teachings they helped to bring to the world continues.

Steels: Metallurgy and Applications, Third Edition

He remains a constant source of knowledge and inspiration in my life. Albanese, professor of religious history at the University of Chicago , stated that in the s the Seth Material "launched an era of nationwide awareness" of the channeling trend. She believes it contributed to the "self-identity of an emergent New Age movement and also augment[ed] its ranks.

Newport, in his study of the impact of New Age beliefs on contemporary culture, described the central focus of the Seth material as the idea that, for each individual: "you create your own reality. Eventually those beliefs become manifested in our physical lives and health. Fuller, a professor of religious studies at Bradley University , wrote that Seth filled the role of guide for what Fuller called "unchurched American spirituality," related to concepts of reincarnation , karma , free will , ancient metaphysical wisdom, and "Christ consciousness.

The poet Charles Upton , in his collection of essays titled The System of Antichrist, posited that Roberts multiplied the self due to a fear of death. His opinion was that the Seth texts are based on a misunderstanding of both Christianity and of Eastern religions.

Alcock opined, "In light of all this, the Seth materials must surely be viewed as less than ordinary. There certainly was the time and talent for fraud to play a role, but we cannot discriminate between that possibility and the possibility of unconscious production—at any rate, given these circumstances, there seems little need to consider the involvement of any supernatural agency.

A woman simply wrote it down as it was dictated to her by the demon; and, of course, it just destroys everything that is true in terms of God's revelation," [66] and as evidence for "Devil possession.

Publisher: Federick Fell. Later retitled and reprinted as The Coming of Seth.

Roberts, Jane The Seth Material. One of my purposes then has been to make this unknown reality consciously known. Man thought once, historically speaking, that there was but one world. Now he knows differently, but he still clings to the idea of one god, one self, and one body through which to express it.

There is one God, but within that God are many. There is one self, but within that self are many. There is one body, in one time, but the self has other bodies in other times.

Historically speaking, mankind chose a certain line of development. In it his consciousness specialized, focusing upon sharp particulars of experience. But inherent always, psychologically and biologically, there has been the possibility of a change in that pattern, an alteration that would effectively lift the race into another kind of weather.

Such a development would, however, necessitate first of all a broadening of concepts about the self, and a greater understanding of human potential. Human consciousness is now at a stage where such a development is not only feasible, but necessary if the race is to achieve its greatest fulfillment.

These are part of your racial heritage.

While you have highly limited concepts about the nature of the self, you cannot begin to conceive of a multidimensional godhood, or a universal reality in which all consciousness is unique, inviolate and yet given to the formation of infinite gestalts of organization and meaning. In my other books I used many accepted ideas as a springboard to lead readers into other levels of understanding.

Here, I wish to make it clear that this book will initiate a journey in which it may seem that the familiar is left far behind. Your concepts of personhood are now limiting you personally and en masse, and yet your religions, metaphysics, histories, and even your sciences are hinged upon your ideas of who and what you are. Your psychologies do not explain your own reality to you. They cannot contain your experience.


Your religions do not explain your greater reality, and your sciences leave you [just] as ignorant about the nature of the universe in which you dwell.He who does not have expectations along certain lines will not commit Session There is the same sort of conscious portion of the whole self. Training and disciplined experimentation in the manipulation of this body will be of great benefit, for you will be facing some of the conditions that you will have to face when the physical body is discarded.

Certainly the birth of a child is really basically just as incomprehensible, but this transformation is projected into , rather than out of, your sphere of understanding. They saw the objects within their paintings as portions of a greater whole that was suggested by the painting. Imagine the energy within that object perpetual, but in terms of being endlessly alive and vital. The more intense the characteristic experience of reality, the greater the chemical excess that is built up.

You are p. The material on mental enclosures. It is actually the intangible but actual framework formed by inner energy, about whose lines or, actually, reference points, the physical framework is constructed.